The "Why" of Digital Signage

52% of all U.S. residents age 12 and older recall seeing digital signage within the past week.


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At Coffman Media we know there’s much more to the “how” of digital signage & visual communication than simply sending a message.

Visual communication has become a powerful tool that can help grow your business or organization, all while helping you get more productive each and every day.


  • Corporate Communications

    Create clear communication in your organization.  Clear the email clutter and ensure employees and visitors are seeing the messages, key business data and other information you were intending them to see.

  • Healthcare

    With dwell times 6x longer than other industries, healthcare providers have a captive audience for receiving key messaging. Digital signage manages content, educations patients and informs and navigates visitors.

  • Quick Service Restaurant (QSR)

    Do you want fries with that? Digital signage can assist with suggestive selling, prompting the customer right at the point of decision making. Average sales lifts are hitting at 1-5% with most restaurants seeing an ROI in 7-18 months.

  • K-12 Education / University

    Students, parents and faculty that are spread across a district or campus is difficult to communicate to. With digital signage, you can disseminate information in real-tme – effectively.

  • Retail

    Digital sigange in retail delivers the experience that connects the online marketing to the physical in-store experience. Retailers are using digital signage in conjunction with apps and beacons to deliver a holistic customer experience.

  • Convention Centers / Venues / Stadiums

    With facilities that have hundreds of thousands of visitors annually, it is imperitive to ensure a vistor’s experience is a success! Digital signage can assist with wayfinding kiosks, digital menu boards, provide a digital signage advertising network and video walls.

70% of US residents 12 & older recall seeing digital signage in the past week.

35% Reduction in perceived wait time

30% Increased customer's time browsing in store

47% of Teenage & Adult American's Who Recall the Specific Ad Seen

Did you know that the presence of digital signage is one of the best ways greatly increase your customer experience?

Our Most Recent Blog posts

Why Digital Signage Should Be A Part of Your Media Strategy

A video surfaced in 2015 by Gary Vaynerchuk.  This video was called “Every single one of you is a media company.”  And he meant it. We tend to agree with you Mr. Vaynerchuk.  His premise was, media is just the means of communication to reach and influence people widely and as a business you must be creating content, because if you are not, you basically do not exist.

The 5 W’s of Digital Signage For Multiple Locations

You are introduced to the 5 W’s early in elementary school.  Every story read or written in school, you are asked to identify the who, what, where, when, and why.

By breaking down the story and answering those questions, it gives you a more comprehensive understanding of the full picture.

Digital signage is a technology used to display content such as text, graphics, videos, etc. in a fresh, exciting, effective way to your intended audience.

Gaining a comprehensive understanding for using digital signage across multiple locations can be a game changer for your organization.

Let’s use the 5 W’s to break it down.

Why Say No, When It Feels So Good To Say Yes…To Digital Signage

Did you read that title in your best Big Tom Callahan (Brian Dennehy) voice?  If so, you have made Tommy Boy fans proud (photo of Brian Dennehy credited to Paramount HE and   But seriously, he has a point.

Digital signage is an ever evolving technology that conveys content to an audience using a media player on a display screen.  Content can be displayed across multiple screens in multiple locations or on just one screen within one space.  It is easily managed and updated, captures an audience’s attention, and studies have shown that it can increase sales.

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